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Xbox One Mastermind Leaves Microsoft for... Zynga

Don Mattrick, the gangly smiling man who introduced Xbox One to the world in its calamitous, TV-themed unveiling, and continued putting his foot in his mouth during the following weeks, has left Microsoft. He's the new boss of casual gaming company Zynga. Let the jumped or pushed debate begin. Read More >>

Google, Facebook, and Others Are Begging the Courts to Smack Down Absurdly Vague Patents

Patent litigation is all over the place these days, and regardless of who's in the right or wrong in any specific case, it's eating up a whole bunch of resources. That's why Facebook, Google, and a number of other companies have rallied together with an amicus brief kindly asking the U.S. State Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to quit honoring crazy-vague patents. Read More >>

Anonymous Hackers Target the Internet's Death Star -- Facebook

Hacking team Anonymous has issued a deadline of November 5th for Zynga to comply with its demands, or it'll take down Facebook and release Zynga's popular casual games for free. Read More >>

Tell Us, Are You Bored of the £120m Mobile Sensation Draw Something Already?

Draw Something, the simple sketch guessing game that mobile publisher Zynga bought for £130m, has been hemorrhaging users, dropping from around 14m active users a day to 10m, only a few weeks after the astonishing multi-million valuation. Read More >>

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Sod £63,000 a Day -- We'll Take £130 Million Thanks

Apparently ripping-off Pictionary is big business. Not content with pulling in a Premiership footballer-like £63,000 a day, the developer of the Draw Something app sensation sold-out to the copycat gaming juggernaut Zynga for a rumoured £130 million. Now that’s what I call a good day’s earnings, especially after just six weeks in the App Store. Read More >>

"Words with Friends" Gets Alec Baldwin Kicked off Aeroplane

Zynga's popular mobile word puzzle game has earned itself the sort of publicity money can't buy, with actor Alec Baldwin preferring to get himself kicked off an American Airlines flight than stop playing Word With Friends. Read More >>


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