ASUS's U46 Laptop May Not be an Ultrabook, But Check Out That Screen

By Kat Hannaford on at

Leaked images of ASUS' slinky U46 laptop have fallen into my inbox, and while the sender didn't provide any details with the snapshots, we've managed to identify it as the fabled U46; a non-Ultrabook machine that's just 27mm thick.

As you can tell from the image gallery up top, it's got a unique hinge that sets the screen forward by about an inch, just like ASUS' gaming laptops in the G53/G73 series. According to previously-reported intel, the U46 will be running on your choice of Core i3/i5/i7 Sandy Bridge processors, with a Nvidia GeForce HT 540M GPU chipset. And as you can see in the video I dug up on YouTube, ASUS is claiming the battery is good for 10 hours on one charge, too.

I popped 'round the corner from Gizmodo UK's office and asked What Laptop's James Stables and Chris Barraclough to don their magnifying glasses and deerstalker caps and confirm that it's definitely not going to be in ASUS' Ultrabooks line-up. Rest assured, as Intel's apparently mandated any Ultrabook that bears the name must measure under 18mm thick if the screen size is under 13-inches, and 21mm thick if under 15-inches. It looks like our friend the U46 is 27mm, so doesn't quite get to join the cheerleading squad this year. To fatcamp it is! [ASUS]