BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Sony Ericsson Arc S on Sale Now

By Kat Hannaford on at

Is anyone going to bother with the Torch 9810 and Arc S? They've just hit Three and Vodafone respectively, where you're looking at spending over £30/month on-contract. When RIM's got QNX-laden phones just 'round the corner, you'd have to be pretty desperate for a 'Berry to get one of these.

Of course, some could argue you'd have to be desperate to buy any BlackBerry, but I have very fond memories of their emailing system (and quality hardware build) so won't be stooping that far. You can, if you wish. I might even chuckle a little. Maybe!

As a reminder, BlackBerry's equivalent of the surf 'n turf (when you really can't decide between land and sea), the Torch 9810 has a 3.2-inch touchscreen with the slide-out keyboard, and a 1.2GHz chip. There's 8GB of onboard storage, and it's running OS 7 with the spiffy new Liquid Graphics browser and otherwise-improved work/life management.

Three's just started stocking it, where it'll cost from £30 per month for 500 minutes, 5,000 texts and 1GB of monthly data allowance.

Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson's Arc S has cropped up at Vodafone, where the very thin (8.8mm, so slimmer than the iPhone 4) handset will set you back from £31 for 100 minutes, 500 texts and 250MB (250MB! 250MB!) per month. [Three and Vodafone via Recombu]