Descend into New York's Hellmouth Elevator

By Kyle Wagner on at

It's kind of hard to startle a New Yorker. That's not arrogance speaking so much as being numb to all the public masturbators by this point. Still, an elevator in a nondescript office building in Queens opening to a hellish mix of Carnivàle and a Tim Burton flick is something to see.

The surreal elevator is a leftover from the building served as a Macy's warehouse. Time was, the whole building was done up as exotically as the elevator, but now it's sadly drifted into a standard shades-of-manilla office space, save the trippy elevator and a mind-bending school bus in the lobby. That's a shame, but it must make for a pretty startling Shining moment when those elevator doors open the first time. [Scouting NY]