Does 50 Million Users And a 1269% Traffic Increase Mean Google + Is Now Relevant?

By Kelly Hodgkins on at

Google + went public last week and its growth has been explosive. So explosive, it has some people wondering if it's time to take closer look at the social network.

According to Experian Hitwise, traffic to Google+ climbed to 15 million this week, a 1269 percent growth from the 1.1 million visits the week before. And this figure only includes desktop visits, it doesn't count mobile traffic from Android and iOS devices or people who visit by clicking on the black Google + toolbar.

Traffic is only one metric. Subscriber base is also important and a recent estimate from Paul Allen suggests Google + is adding two million new users each day and now has a subscriber base of almost 50 million users.

Admittedly, these numbers pale in comparison to Facebook, which has 800 million users and is the undeniable King of the Social networking hill. But you have to wonder about the up and coming Google +. Is it time to steal away from Facebook and Twitter and invest some social networking time into Google's growing network? I'm starting to think it is. [ReadWriteWeb and Paul Allen]