Google Gets Into Retail -- Launches 'Chrome Zone' Shop in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

Blue t-shirts. Minimalist design ethic. Smiling staff. Lovely tables. The above familiar retail scene isn't the latest Apple store, it is in fact the very first "Chrome Zone" -- a Google shop dedicated solely to trying to sell the UK some Chromebooks.

Chrome Zone is a separate section inside the enormous Currys and PC World superstore on Tottenham Court Road in London, where potential Chromebook buyers can have a go on Samsung's Chromebook Series 5 machine, while some "specially trained Chromebook experts" hover around to answer any questions.

Just don't ask "are there any other types of Chromebook?" because the only option currently available in the UK is the Samsung Series 5, a 12.1" LCD model powered by an Intel Atom N570. Although it does come in black or white, and 3G or Wi-Fi only versions, so technically that's four models. [Google]