IMDb Trivia App Puts Your Movie Loving Knowledge to the Test

By Casey Chan on at

IMDb just released a new trivia app for the iPhone that's sure to be a great time spender/waster for any TV and movie buff. There are hundreds of fun little questions that'll work the part of the brain you fried from watching all those movies and shows.

It's super fun, there are five levels that get more and more difficult as you go on, unlockable question packs, classic trivia questions and more unique teasers like matching movies to the actor or re-ordering them by date of release and more. I can't put it down, I could play this forever (and you might be able to as you can buy new question packs via an in-app purchase).

The IMDb trivia app is really well designed too, polished with great transitions and a sensible UI. This ain't no two bit trivia app. It's as good as it gets. I bet I'll get a higher score than you. Free. [iTunes]