Mercedes-Benz's Perfume Doesn't Smell Like a Car (Unfortunately)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz... OK, maybe just the perfume then?

Yep that's right, a Merc perfume was just launched at the Tax Free World Association World Exhibition in Cannes, for all those looking for the perfect gift this Christmas. Featuring 'woody notes with floral freshness', 'Calabrian bergamot, lemon essence and Italian mandarin' as well as a 'spicy mix of bourbon pepper, nutmeg, violet and galbanum resin' it's not exactly going to make you smell like a new car. But hell, anything's better than commuter BO right?

It's a shame then that they didn't go down the Comme des Garçons route with 'notes' of petrol, grass and blood -- where's the smell of burning brakes or red hot back box eh?

For what it's worth Merc's perfume does have world renowned perfumer Olive Cresp of Firmenich behind it, so it's likely to smell pretty good even if it's not a petrolhead's dream. [Daimler via Bornrich]