Motorola Defy's Toughness Claims Questioned by BBC's Watchdog

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rabid BBC consumer show Watchdog unleashed its full righteous fury upon the Motorola Defy last night, claiming that Motorola "exaggerated" the strength of it supposedly water, dust and shock-proof Android phone.

For example, a man "crouched down" on the road, causing the phone to fall out of his pocket onto the pavement. The screen broke and Motorola said it wasn't liable so he'd have to pay for a repair. The investigative show also featured the story of a woman who let her Defy fall from a sofa onto laminate flooring. The screen broke, with Motorola demanding £69 to fix the damage.

Motorola's defence was that the Defy is designed to be "crack resistant" rather than "crack proof" or "unbreakable", so large, traumatic injuries aren't covered by the warranty.

Watch the full report into this new pinnacle of human suffering over on the BBC, which also features Motorola's full response and some of its testing methodology. There's a full re-enactment of the man crouching down incident at around the 1:20 mark. Harrowing stuff. [Watchdog]