Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 Hands On: Of Course It's the Right Time for an Android iPod Touch

By Kyle Wagner on at

We've been hearing about Android's answer to the iPod Touch since the days when men were men and HP made computers, but the rebranded-wait-no-back-to-the-original Galaxy Player 4 and 5 are finally here.

The prosaically named Player 4 and 5 have 4- and 5-inch screen, and weigh 4.2 and 6.4 ounces respectively. They run Gingerbread 2.3.5, come with 8GB onboard storage (expandable to 32GB microSD), and the 5 has a 2,500mAh battery, to the 4's 1,200mAh. The Players also have 800x480 screens (yes, both of them), front and rear facing cameras, and record video in 720p. Previous reports put the processor at 1GHz.

The jump from the four inches to five is pretty jarring, especially considering that it's 0.3 inches (which matters!) larger than the already-behemoth HTC Titan. The upshot is that it's a much better option for viewing media than its smaller-screened little brother, and unlike a phone, you might not be compelled to lug it around in your pocket all day. Both models are made of the by-now typical cheapy Samsung plastic, though, and feel noticeably less sturdy than the metal-clad Tab 8.9.

Both Players have access to Samsung's Media, Music, Social, and Reader hubs. Media, music, and social let you buy or rent movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, and newspapers. So basically most of the things you can do in other, more mature, marketplaces. But hey, if it has to be Android, your ship's finally come in. [Samsung]