Sharp's Japanese Android Phones Will Start Appearing in Europe

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sharp makes quite a few smartphones, but we're yet to see any arrive in Euro-friendly format. But that's about to change, with its 3D Aquos Phone scheduled to arrive on Orange. Orange France, but that's still nearer than Japan.

The Sharp Aquos Phone SH-12C is the model confirmed for Orange France, which, in its current Japanese configuration, is powered by a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor, running Android 2.3, on a 4.2" screen at 540x960 resolution. It's also fully 3D enabled, featuring dual cameras rated at 8megapixels -- which beats the 5megapixel output of LG's Optimus 3D.

It's quite the high-end beast, and could give 3D phones the kick up the backside they need after the rather disappointing Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D failed to get anyone particularly excited about the potential of portable 3D mobiles. [TechCrunch via Techradar]