SwiftKey X Will Read Your Blog Posts, Even If No One Else Does

By Gary Cutlack on at

SwiftKey X is a replacement keyboard for Android phones and tablets, which "learns" your typing style by scanning text messages and Facebook updates. Now it can read blog posts, too, getting an even better idea of how you write.

While most keyboards manage to predict the word you're trying to type from the first few letters, SwiftKey attempts to guess the entire next word for you, making mobile messaging easier still -- so the more sources of data it has to best guess what you're about to say, or what names you're typing, the better.

The latest 2.1 update of the app also includes a typing heat map, easier selection of alternate characters with finger slides, numerous bug fixes and new user interface tweaks.

There are two separate versions of the app on the Android Market -- SwiftKey X for phones, plus standalone tablet version SwiftKey X Tablet. Both are paid apps, but free trials are also available if you check the 'More from developer' panel on the Android Market pages. [SwiftKey]