That Mysterious, Possibly Mafia-Connected Safe Has Been Opened But Only Oprah Knows What's Inside

By Casey Chan on at

Do you remember that mysterious safe hidden behind a wall inside Bill's Casino in Reno? Well, it's been opened. Cool! Not really, since it was opened and filmed by Oprah's people for a TV special. So no one knows what's inside still. TV drama!

Remember, there was a slight possibility that the safe was Mafia-connected—as the suspected owner of the safe (previous owner of the Casino) was killed in a car explosion dripping with Martin Scorcese plot lines. However! Police were on site as the safe was opened and concluded that there wasn't anything inside worth launching an investigation about. Sgt. Jim Halsey said:

"Nothing of substance for us inside, and the contents are being kept a secret until the Oprah Winfrey show airs in a month or so."

Everyone who participated in the opening of the safe had to sign confidentiality agreements as to not ruin the surprise of the upcoming TV special, so it's up to Oprah when we'll find out. There's no air date slated for the TV special yet but maybe Oprah will give away safes to everyone! Here's to hoping there's still something worthwhile inside. [Record Courier, Image Credit: Adam Jensen/Tahoe Daily Tribune]