The New VXR WaveRunner Is More Powerful than Than Some Cars

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Sure, we're talking about a Smart Car Fortwo here but even those will reach freeway speeds if you give them long enough. But for roughly the same price, wouldn't you rather have the most badass jet-ski of all time?

The 2011 VXR Waverunner is powered by a 1.8L (1,812cc) 4-cylinder marine engine—the largest ever in a personal watercraft and roughly double the displacement of the one-liter hamster wheel that powers the Smart Car Fortwo. It's also four feet longer (at 3.27 meters) and seats up to three passengers (to the Smart Car's pair). It even has the same number of cup-holders—two—as the Smart Fortwo and yet it costs only $11,000, more than a thousand less than its wheeled counterpart.

Tangent comparison aside, the 2011 VXR also has one of the lightest hulls and decks on the market due to its NanoXcel technology—an exclusive material that reduces the amount of filler needed and cuts 25 percent from the hull and deck weight. [Yamaha via Top Speed]