Tokyo Flash's First Touchable Timepiece Looks Like Something Out of Iron Man

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looking like something out of Iron man, those crazy cats at Tokyo Flash are at it again, but this time it’s touchable. The Kisai Rogue Touch features four ‘hot-zones’ instead of buttons and even has slide to unlock.

The limited edition Rogue Touch displays the time in typically baffling fashion with a plethora of dials displaying hours, minutes and seconds plus an alternate time zone in the centre. Great for confusing the nosey sod on the Tube, but pretty simple once you know that the outside ring displays the hours and the inner ring the minutes. It’s currently available in backlit green, blue, red or ‘natural’ LCD, whatever matches your wardrobe, and will set you back £115 until Friday or £128 after that. [Tokyoflash]