Upgrade Any Three Contract With All-You-Can-Munch Data For £3

By Kat Hannaford on at

Regardless of the fact that Three's customer service makes me want to rip my hair out of the follicles, I love them for their consistent cost-saving methods that they hand out to customers, especially where data is concerned.

While other networks are putting a cork in the unlimited data wine bottle (is it too early to be thinking about wine?), Three's three quid deal is sure to please existing contract-holders that haven't forked out for the upgrade to The One Plan, which gives you everything free for £25/month.

So, any contract-holder can spend £3 more a month for the unlimited data add-on, but what about the Talk & Text users? If that's you, you can upgrade your monthly direct debit to £18/month to include all-you-can-gobble data. I just hope Three's customers have lots of napkins handy. [Three]

Image Credit: Gelpi / Shutterstock