We7 Feeling Spotify's Heat, Cuts Free On-Demand Streaming in Favour of Personalised Radio

By Sam Gibbs on at

Feeling the pressure of Spotify's success, the British music streaming service We7 has cut its free song streaming in favour of a Last.fm-style 'personalised radio'.

Paid users will continue to get access to the on-demand song streaming service for £4.99 a month, but those looking for music on the cheap will be forced into streaming radio-style with stations started from a single song, artist or genre. For instance, the UK top 40 is available for your listening pleasure if you're into that 'popular music' the kids are always banging on about.

We7's chief executive told The Telegraph "We now know that the majority of people want their music picked for them based on the genre or type of artist they like", which smacks to me that they're just not able to compete with the behemoth that Spotify has become and are looking to encroach on the less hyped players in the UK like Last.fm. Differentiation from Spotify may be the only path to survival for the Peter Garbriel-backed service.

We7 provides free unlimited streaming with 50 requests a month that let you select a particular song to listen to straight off the bat. If you're looking at listening to over 10 hours of music and want a modicum of choice to which songs to listen to, then We7 could still be your best bet for legal music streaming on the cheap. [We7 via The Telegraph]