We7 Music-Streamers Should Be Feeling Very Ashamed Right Now

By Kat Hannaford on at

In an attempt to remind us that We7 exists, We7 has created an interactive map of the UK’s most-streamed music. Aping the iconic London tube map, it shows the artists most-streamed in the six most-generic genres.

While it doesn’t actually show what the different London boroughs are streaming mostly (if they hovered over my neck of the woods it’d likely be a fusion of Brixton dub and whatever Dulwich’s yummy mummies listen to – Coldplay?), it does illustrate that We7’s users have a pretty generic taste in music. I guess that’s called “mainstream.” Or maybe We7’s 9.5m songs consist entirely of Jessie J; Cheryl Cole and Mumford & Sons.

Either way, it would’ve been nice if the “tube lines” were weighted with actual streaming data (especially geographically), but I must say…Cee Lo Green? That was just one song being streamed over and over and over again, right? [We7]