Welcome to Gizmodo UK, Chaps/Geezers/Limeys

By Kat Hannaford on at

So. This is Gizmodo UK’s new home. We hope the sofa is plush enough for you, and the fridge stocked with enough sensory delights. Some of you may be US readers and wondering how the hell you ended up here, or have other burning questions. Come on in:

Chances are you’ve heard of our bigger Yankee brother Gizmodo, but didn’t know Gizmodo UK’s daddy-o dropped its technological seeds all over the world. There are currently nine other rascally Gizmodo kids running riot all over Europe, Japan, Australia and Brazil, and now right here in the UK.


What is this site? Huh? Why am I here?

Gizmodo and its new offshoot Gizmodo UK aren’t your average tech sites. Sure, we love technology and gadgets, but like any good nerdlinger, we’re also interested in science and smart design. Everything around you has been influenced by these elements, and it’s our goal to keep you on your toes about what’s coming next.

Expect to see amazing architecture you’d trade your WiFi connection for; spaceships that soar to new and unexplored solarsystems; futuristic automobiles and oceanic vessels that would fluster even James Bond, and of course, all manner of geek culture and toys.


Why do we even need a UK site? Isn't technology universal?

Indeed it is, and while a lot of the US announcements are relevant to citizens of Queen Lizzy’s reign, so many aren’t. There’s a lot of local news and announcements that gets missed on the US site because it’s not of interest to the Americans who read it.

We also want to make all you fine readers feel more involved with the Gizmodo family-name, so will be holding regular meetups and events (in London, and eventually across the UK) for you to get all hot ‘n heavy with just-announced products.


I'm a commenter on the US site and want the same username over here

We don’t want anyone impersonating the US site’s most-loved commenters, which is why we’re willing to ensure any of our big brother’s commenters who want the same username on the UK site will be able to nab that username.

To do so, just drop me a private message from your commenting account on the US site here with the email address you signed up with on the UK site, and we’ll make sure they tally. If they don’t…well, you’ll be in trouble. If you have concerns someone has stolen your name, drop me an email here. Otherwise, sign up for a commenting account here and get started.


How do I add an avatar?

To get your rugged face on all your comments, sign up for a free account at Gravatar using the same email address you signed up to on Giz UK,; upload a photo, and the two accounts will be linked automatically. If you sign in using your Facebook log-in, your avatar on the social-networking site will be visible on this here site.


How can I show I'm the diamond amongst the rough, rough commenters?

Think you’re something special, eh? Your wit, knowledge and boundless energy for feeding our commenting fields will be rewarded in the shape of a star you can wear on your avatar with pride.

Unlike the US site however, stars are not handed out by us editors. Instead, you’ve got to meet the approval of the fiercest critics known to man: your fellow commenters. Gather 20 “likes” to your name, and a big fat star will be slapped on your lapel. But if you go all Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith on us, that star will be stripped before you can whip your lightsaber out.

Other than giving you enough swagger and clout to fill yer boots with, a star to your name will also ensure you get invites to the hottest Gizmodo UK events and meet-ups. We’ll be connecting starred commenters with the coolest gadgetry and fun times…while the proletariat weep at home at the thought of missing out.

Without our fearless commenters, we’d cease to exist. Just like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and, err, the Chuckle Brothers, we work better as a team. It’s your irrepressible wit and opinions that spur us on, and of course, your well-intentioned tips and intel that keeps Gizmodo UK breaking news and creating scandal.


So who the hell are you guys?

Your new editor is Kat Hannaford, a name you may’ve seen on the US site over the last two years that I’ve been working there, gathering tips and tricks to make the UK site all the better for you. Before joining Giz US, I worked on a variety of UK tech titles, including T3.com, which is published by Giz UK’s new home here at Future Publishing. You may’ve heard of some of their titles, and even stolen demo discs in WH Smith from the covers of gaming mags such as Edge and the official Xbox, PS3 and Nintendo titles. I know I have. (Don’t tell my new bosses).

Lower down on the office foodchain (but higher up in height) my news editor Sam Gibbs has just polished off his PhD in molecular microbiology, so will be handling a lot of our science coverage here. You may’ve seen his name on sites such as The Unofficial Apple Weblog; Download Squad (RIP) and Pixelated Geek.

Other names you’ll see regularly on your new favourite bookmark include Gary Cutlack, who’s the funniest person I have the pleasure of knowing (check out his sites Idiot Toys, Euro-Droid and UK Resistance to try and prove me wrong); Haje Jan Kamps who’s written a heap of photography books and even sold his own photography-gizmo on Kickstarter to great success; and Bulent Yusuf, who will be reviewing the sharpest-looking gaming apps for us.


I miss reading about Verizon and AT&T. Get me out of here!

Not bothered about news that affects your bank balance? No problemo, just click this link and you’ll be whisked off back to the US site. But we’ll miss you. And your little dog, too.


I just signed up to MySpace. Can we be friends?

MySpace? You must be new to this internet malarkey. You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook if you so wish, and once Google+ allows non-human entities on its battleship, we’ll see you there too.


I'm gonna give you guys a go, but...

Got a few reservations about adding another tech blog to your list of daily must-reads? We know your time is scarce, but if you have anything you want to see more of / less of here on Giz UK, just give us a bell. Our door is always open to you, especially while we’re still finding our feet with this new site. But we may close that door to trolls, just FYI.