Xume Magnetic Lens Filters Are Brilliantly Simple

By Sam Biddle on at

Screwing expensive things into tiny threads is tedious—especially when you're a photographer depending on speed. So why bother screwing filters on when you can employ the mystical powers of magnets? Snap on, snap off—no more screwing, ever.

The Xume system does require some labor up front: you need to install a magnetic adapter for each lens, and put each filter you own into its own complimentary magnetic ring. But once you've got your gear converted, you can yank your filters around as quickly as you please. The guy in the video even does it with no hands! That's just hubris. The ease won't be cheap—$33 for the 77mm lens adapter, and $13 for each ring—but might be worth it just for the sanity you'll save. [Xume via Gadget Lab]