20 Per Cent of UK Adults Have Never Sent an Email

By Gary Cutlack on at

According to survey results released by BT today, 20 per cent of grown ups here in the UK have literally never sent an email. Not even accidentally.

BT and ICM carried out a telephone poll (how appropriate) of 2,103 adults. Of those that didn't sigh and immediately put the phone down, one fifth claimed to have never sent an email in their lives, while BT also says nine million people in the UK are yet to use the internet at all.

The not particularly shocking results are being publicised to help promote a campaign BT is calling "Get IT Together," in which BT and celebrity endorser Gabby Logan want us to donate an hour to help someone old, confused or just generally clueless when it comes to making Wi-Fi work get online for the first time.

You could be there when they see their first wildly inappropriate image of a bottom appear in the Google results. [BT]