200 Lucky LTE-Wielding Cornish Really Are Getting Everything Everywhere

By Sam Gibbs on at

We're not going to be living the superfast 4G dream as soon as our American cousins, but at least we're making a little bit of progress in the UK.

Everything Everywhere and BT have kicked off their first joint live trial of LTE in that hot-bed of technological innovation, Cornwall. A common testing ground for new wireless technologies, approximately 200 lucky Cornish trail-blazers are living the dream as of today with a 50:50 split between mobile and fixed-wireless broadband units. While we in the cities might be craving 4G speeds on our phones, LTE could help reach those without fixed-line broadband so even the country bumpkins can get their Call of Duty-on and get owned by the legions of militant 13-year olds.

Image credit:  iQoncept/Shutterstock