2011 Is Not the UK's 'Year Of the Electric Car'

By Sam Gibbs on at

Brits aren't buying electric cars according to disappointing figures from the 'plugged-in grant scheme'. That's not really a surprise considering how many are actually available in the UK, but only 106 were sold in the third quarter of 2011.

The grant scheme, which puts up £5000 towards the cost of one of the zero-emissions cars, has seen lacklustre demand throughout this year. Only 465 cars were registered through the scheme in Q1, followed by 215 in Q2 and finally just 106 this quarter. A downward trend that's disappointing both government and electric car campaigners who said that 2011 could be "the year of the electric car." With the pricey Nissan Leaf the only decent-ish looking model currently available in the UK, it's no wonder. Looks like we're going to be breathing in car fumes for the foreseeable future. [Guardian]

Image credit: Juan Camilo Bernal/Shutterstock