3 Months Free Unlimited Data? Yes Please Vodafone!

By Sam Gibbs on at

Mobile data contracts are a bit of minefield to navigate, what with 'unlimited' not really being unlimited and the question of 'How much data do I really need?' rearing its ugly head.

Vodafone is trying to help-a-brother out with a 'Data Test Drive', which does just what it says on the tin. Voda gives you three months of free 'unlimited' data, waiving any overage fees, when you sign up for a new or renewed contract. At the end of your gratuitous gorging on that sweet free unlimited data, you'll get a report to tell you how much data you actually got through, which should make picking your data tariff a tad easier.

It's only available on Voda's range of spiffing smartphones; SIM-only and Mobile Broadband users need not apply, but you can get in on the Test Drive right now if you're looking for an upgrade, although you might want to wait a day just to see what's up Apple's sleeve. [Vodafone via Eurodroid]