50 Cent Now the Latest Rapper with Rapper Headphones

By Sam Biddle on at

If you won't listen to headphones unblessed by a rapper's licensing deal — and neither Dre nor Ludacris are good enough for you — look to 50 Cent. The former rapper turned Vitamin Water kingpin's newest headphone is here.

Street by 50 (sound familiar?) touts emphasized bass, 40 mm drivers, and... they're black and blue? I think if you were to switch the S with a b, you'd have a lot of people fooled. These headphones look just like Ludacris'. Which look a lot like Dre's. Maybe they sound good. You'll almost certainly be able to buy a better, non-50 Cent pair for less money, though no pricing or availability info is out yet. They could have at least made these out of kevlar like the new RAZR. [SMS by 50]