A Woman Trying to Do a Drug Deal Accidentally Texted a Cop

By Casey Chan on at

I feel for drug dealers, I really do. They have to juggle countless phone numbers, make sure strangers aren't cops and always stay on guard. I'm surprised more people don't slip up! Like this woman, she was trying to set up a drug deal but accidentally texted the wrong number—that number ended up belonging to a cop.

Amy Leigh Brown, the 35-year-old woman drug dealer with poor technological skills, foolishly punched in the wrong digits when she sent the text, 'Hey, it's Amy. Do you want business tonight?'. That wrong number was actually the phone number of a police officer who became curious and played along. Amy texted back saying she was selling some 'bones' (Xanax) and described the car she would be in so the officer could find her. She was promptly arrested.

Amy, who's from Scooby Doo Drive (!) in Marion, North Carolina, is probably feeling a little ripped off. And that's fair, what are the odds of that happening? Misfired texts happen all the time but misfiring on a cop? Bad, bad luck. Next time Amy, start with an innocuous text and build from there. A patient drug dealer is a free drug dealer. [Daily Mail]