Alan Turing's Biopic Might Get the Hollywood Hunk Treatment from Leo DiCaprio

By Kyle Wagner on at

Alan Turing, the venerable WWII-era nerd icon who helped crack the Nazi Enigma machines and came up with the robot sentience-checking Turing Test, is the subject of a new biopic, and apparently Leonardo DiCaprio "has the inside track" to play him.

Warner Bros bought the script for The Imitation Game for seven figures after bidding against several other studios, which Deadline claims is because Leo is lined up to star as Turing. No one's officially attached to the film yet, but Ron Howard is also rumored to be interested.

Hollywood rumors are just as fickle as tech rumors, so don't be surprised if casting takes a left turn, but still: DiCaprio, Turing, WWII, Enigma machines, fighting Nazis, theĀ government being dicks. Come on, you're seeing this. [Deadline via NY Mag]

Image Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment