Apple iCards Make Laziness a Virtue

By Mat Honan on at

You've probably forgotten about iCards. They were the thing Apple announced this week that used something called the Postal Service to send images through something called the "mail." Despite sounding like something for old people, iCards are kind of cool.

Apple rolled out some details on its iCards program today. iCards let your take a photo with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and send it out as a folded letterpress card. Choose from one of 21 different designs, add your text, and pick contacts from your address book and you're good to go. Apple ships worldwide, domestic rates will be £1.90, while shipping internationally will set you back £3.99.

A personalized letterpress card for £1.90 is a pretty good deal. And speaking as someone who bought a bunch of baby announcements that I never sent because I was too lazy to hand address them all, being able to use your contacts as a shipping tool is pretty fantastic. Quite simply, Apple is taking the work out of being courteous, which is great, as being courteous sucks. With these, no-one will know how lazy you actually are. Except other iPhone owners. But

Several of the designs are now previewed online. They're quite pretty! For some reason, the "here is a picture of my junk" card isn't there. I'm sure they'll add it soon. [Apple]