Be a Policeman For a Day, Today, Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sussex Police is conducting an interesting interactive experiment today, putting out a live, multi-channel, multimedia broadcast of its team going about their business, both back in the station and out on the streets.

Kitted out with laptops, mobile phones and webcams, Sussex Police wants to give us an "insight into real-life policing" through the event, taking us on staged tours of some of its facilities and a few live walkabouts with police staff doing their jobs.

You can follow the action and get a schedule of event on the force's Twitter page, plus there's a large collection of personal blogs on the site, where everyone from the Wildlife Officer to the Scenes of Crime Officer give us a more detailed run down of their tasks. Complete with non-grisly photos and wildly differing levels of enthusiasm from those involved.

We'll no doubt be spoon-fed a pretty mundane collection of stage-managed, safe events, unlike our own rather harrowing Notes From the Frontline series, which is written by an anonymous London policeman who tells it very much like it is. [Sussex Police via BBC]