Briefcase Rotisserie: Get Outta My Dreams and Under My Desk

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Not only is this fully functional rotisserie small enough to be used indoors, it actually folds down to a briefcase sized package that could even be stashed in the overhead bins on a plane. That 'no smoking' sign in the bathroom only pertains to cigarettes, right?

Seven rotating skewers evenly cook meats, vegetables and fruits over an open flame courtesy of a built-in, porcelain covered charcoal tray. And when fully assembled, including legs that raise it to a usable height, you'll have access to 4,000 cubic inches of cooking volume. Not enough for jamming a whole pig on there, but you'll have to make some compromises for portability. The £450 rotisserie is made of lightweight aluminium, making it easy to carry while traveling or commuting, and it operates on either a 12V battery or a standard AC outlet. It's suffice to say our CES toolkit just got one briefcase larger. [Carson Rotisserie via Uncrate]