Britain Gets Stiffed Over iTunes Match

By Sam Gibbs on at

With all that juicy stuff coming out of the Apple campus in Cupertino, there's one thing we're not going to get, at least at launch. Britain gets screwed again, but this time it may not be Apple's fault.

Considering how difficult it is to get the music labels to line up and behave I guess we shouldn't be surprised that we're getting stiffed on...

iTunes Match.

Whether you'd want it anyway is another matter, but as of now, you can't have it. The US will get it at the end of October, so who knows how long it'll take to get here. Come on BPI, time to line up and be counted, do something nice for your consumers and get paid for theĀ privilegeĀ eh? Don't screw us just because you can't get over a dying business model.

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