Britons Love Lady Gaga Videos the Most

By Sam Gibbs on at

YouTube viewing figures show that music videos are a hit with the UK public and that of all the artists, Lady Gaga is our favourite.

Experian Hitwise collated the figures over a year period, September 2010 to 2011, showing Britons watched 240 million hours of internet video a month, with YouTube claiming an over 70 per cent share. Lady Gaga ranked as the number one demanded artist, with music videos accounting for a third of the videos watched. This pushes YouTube into third position of the UK's most viewed websites with Google and Facebook leading the charge.

Seems us Brits love our online video as it wasn't only YouTube that grew, with the BBC iPlayer showing a 22 per cent year-on-year traffic increase. We want our video on-demand and we want it where ever we happen to be. That's not such a difficult ask it is? [BBC]