Brits to Blast Phone Screaming into Space

By Sam Gibbs on at

In typically random British fashion we're sending a phone into space. No, it's not an iPhone, or a Galaxy S2 -- that would have been appropriate -- no, the lucky little guy will be the Google Nexus One.

Data won't be the only Android in space as the ancient Nexus will form the beating heart of the world's first smartphone nanosatallite, the 'super-cheap' £70,000 Strand-1, using its sensors for guidance and will blast off loaded with four competition-winning apps. One of the apps from the brainiacs at Cambridge University, Scream In Space, aims to prove that someone can hear you scream in the black void by using the microphone to pick up vibrations from the phone's speaker. Worthwhile I think you'll agree; after all we can't believe everything we see in the movies eh? You listing Alien? [New Scientist]