BT Fibre Network Ahead of Schedule -- 2014 The New End Date

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's plan to connect two-thirds of the country to its new fibre network are running ahead of schedule, allowing it to connect a lucky two-thirds of the population to fibre by the end of 2014.

BT's making quite a big deal of the fact it's hiring additional engineers to help speed up the network roll-out, claiming that an additional 520 people will be hired and that "most of whom" are "ex-armed forces" personnel. So we'll have military grade internet.

According to the Telegraph, two-thirds of the resulting fibre connections in the UK will be the slower, up-to-40Mb fibre to the cabinet solution, while the remaining third will get the top-drawer, faster, possibly-even-as-fast-as-300Mb fibre to the home connection.

The previous plan was to have the fortunate majority hooked up to by 2015. You've just got an extra year of fast internet. [BT via the Telegraph]