Clothing Store Body Scanners Know Your Every Curve

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Finding a new pair of jeans that fit takes longer than it should. So, like a cold-hearted best friend, New Look's new full body 3D scanner will reveal the cold, hard truth about just how curvy you really are.

Recently installed at the New Look store in London's Westfield Stratford mall, Bodymetrics' scanning booth looks like a changing room, but instead of mirrors inside you'll find a set of eight PrimeSense 3D laser sensors. You'll still need to strip down to your undies for it to produce an accurate reading -- but as the lasers scan up and down your body they make a hundred different measurements, which are then processed by the company's body shape analytics to provide recommendations on what style and size of jeans will fit you the best.

The scanning booth is said to be "a fraction of the cost of previous body scanners", which translates to: still kind of expensive. But they can be installed in just a few hours, and not only do they reduce the lineups for the changing rooms, in theory they should also reduce the amount of ill-fitting clothing that gets returned. Also, I don't think I'd mind the airport security's own full body scanners if they let me know I was safe to fly and would look great in a size 32. [Bodymetrics via Ubergizmo]