Cyberdyne Shows Off HAL With Powered Arms Reaching to Crush Your Puny Human Skull

By Sam Gibbs on at

This is it, the beginning, the Rise of the Machines is inevitable, Cyberdyne (and Intel!) are showing off their HAL robot walker at CEATEC in Japan, which we've seen before, but now they've added powered arms!

OK, the currentĀ implementationĀ needs a puny human to be able to walk, but mark this day as the day when the first cyborgs became a reality courtesy of Chipzilla. The HAL suit plugs into humans via nerves and reflexes, meaning you think it and it happens, but it won't be long before HAL thinks it and you move. It's all marketed as an assistive device for the disabled, and I'm sure it will work wonderfully in that vein initially, but we all know what they're really planning. Time to don your tin-foil hats. [TechRadar]