Daily Desired: Pixelated Mario Cushion From Japan's Club Nintendo

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The US or UK versions of Nintendo's reward program, Club Nintendo, never seem to have quite the same calibre of awesome schwag as the original Japanese version. Items like the Wiimote TV remote that was never available here, and now this pixelated 8-bit Super Mario throw cushion.

Platinum members in Japan will have their choice of three new premium items including a 2012 calendar, a couple of game soundtracks from a handful of titles and this amazing Dot Mario Cushion, featuring a pixelated version of the hero plumber from his old school NES days. Now given Mayan predictions, that 2012 calendar could be a real collector's item if the Earth does come to an end next year. But I'd take my chances with the cushion instead, ensuring my last days on the planet were at least comfy. The premium items are also available to members who cash in 400 points, so if you want all three and can afford it, I'd still say just get three pillows. [Club Nintendo via Tiny Cartridge]