Daily Desired: This Laptop Bag Will Bring You Back to Nature

By Mario Aguilar on at

Lugging all the sweet gear that makes life more convenient around the city becomes the source of its own headaches. Your bag is heavy, uncomfortable, and hideous. This new Incase bag should help with the last bit at least.

The Campus Pack from Incase's new Terra collection is made of "natural materials." Which ones? No idea! But if natural materials look this good, consider us signed up for whatever eco-trend is fashionable this week. That takes care of the ugliness problem for just £65. As for comfort and convenience, the bag is lightweight and has a super slim profile which sits tightly against you back. It's the perfect size for a 15" MacBook Pro plus a few extra gadgets like your tablet, phone, camera, headphones, mouse, bluetooth keyboard, and a banana for a snack. Ok, you might need a bigger bag to get the banana in. This bag is only for the essentials. [Incase via Uncrate]