Dancing, Wriggling "My Keepon" Robot Finally -- Finally! -- Available In UK For Pre-Order

By Kat Hannaford on at

A scaled-down version of the £20,000 robot created by two Japanese scientists, the My Keepon is the cutest £40 'bot money can buy. Watch as he dances to the beat of your music! Much better than my dancemoves, I have to say.

Originally developed to study human-robot interactions (particularly amongst the autistic), the original Keepon robot is infamous amongst robotics circles. After partnering with Wow! Stuff, the scientists' cheaper consumer version, the My Keepon, has just become available for pre-order over at Firebox, where it'll go on sale later this October.

With every purchase, some money is contributed towards manufacturer BeatBots' research into medical robots for therapists and practitioners, so you've got at least two reasons to want to buy one. [Firebox and My Keepon]