DeLorean Back From The Past With New Electric Model

By Gary Cutlack on at

There will be plenty of jokes made about this one. 88mph, flux capacitors, fusion drives and so on. But the current license holder of the DMC name is serious about reintroducing the DeLorean, with an all-electric update set to arrive in 2013.

And there will be no compromises because of its electric internals. You get the same stainless steel exterior, the massive, incredibly impractical gullwing doors, plus modern touches like a built-in iPod dock and a 1.21 gigawatt-hour battery to ensure a workable range.

Built for the revitalised DeLorean Motor Company by new US start-up Epic EV, the update is hoped/planned to have an eventual top speed of 125mph with 260 horsepower at your command, as long as you remembered to put it on charge last night.

The prototype has already been taken out for a test drive, and seemed to rate rather well for a half-finished test model. [Jalopnik]