DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into A Handy Whiteboard

By Mario Aguilar on at

Argh! Curse the tops of laptops everywhere for being so useless. And bless the DrawTop for transforming that useless metallic canvas into a highly functional whiteboard. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.

The DrawTop is beautifully simple and potentially so useful. Just slap one of these £7.60 vinyl stickers to the back of your computer and presto, you can now draw on the back of your laptop with a dry-erase marker. Scribble down notes on the fly! Draw pretty pictures of butterflies and ponies and '80s hair bands with your friends! Hell, alert cute fellow coffee shop squatters that you're available for dinner! See? Your formerly useless laptop back just turned into a personals ad. [DrawTop via Make via ZDNet]