Echo and the Bunnymen: The Game

By Kat Hannaford on at

The hair! The shorts! The Carmen Miranda-style fruit hat! Echo and the Bunnymen had a great sense of humour hiding under that goth-like rock exterior, most obvious in lead singer Ian McCulloch's lyrics. The Game, released in 1987, is one of those songs, the lyrics of which haunt you for hours.

It was actually the Liverpudlian band's last studio album before McCulloch left the group the following year, but watching their music video for the first time (above), you can tell they must've had some fun shooting it in Brazil. Ah, the days when bands had major label financing, and were able to jet off to foreign locations for meaningless, yet surprisingly jaunty videos.

The Game performed well when it was released, climbing to number 28 in the UK charts, though wasn't as commercial as some of their other singles, likeĀ The Cutter and Lips Like Sugar.

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