European Commission Puts £8bn 30Mbps-Broadband-Everywhere-By-2020 Fund On the Cards

By Sam Gibbs on at

More money for broadband can only be a good thing, I guess, but considering £8 billion has to stretch across the length and breadth of the EU -- don't expect to get too much out of it in the UK.

The European Commission is proposing to pump the cash into the rollout of 'super-fast' broadband across the European Union to help the European economy compete in the connected era. The aim is to get every household in Europe up to 30Mbps by 2020, with half of all connections pushing 100Mbps. The UK has already announced several broadband stimulus plans, mainly aimed at getting decent connections out to rural areas like Defra's £20m Rural Community Broadband Fund. Here's to 100Mbps everywhere, including in the sticks -- because country bumpkins deserve HD movie streaming just like the rest of us. [BBC]

Image credit: nmedia/Shutterstock