Facebook: More Facebook Gamers Than the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Combined

By Sam Gibbs on at

There's no denying Facebook has a massive user-base -- but you might be surprised to know that Facebook has more gamers than anyone else, as Ethan Beard, Facebook's director of partnerships put so eloquently:

"We have over 200 million social gamers on Facebook every month; that's more Facebook gamers than the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo combined."

Speaking at the London instalment of Facebook's developer conference, F8, Beard was trying to entice UK developers onto the Facebook platform. He told listeners that the social elements and games built around people were the secret to Facebook's gaming success, with Farmville being the stand-out example; simple graphics and socially orientated. It's not Apple that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have to worry about in the gaming space -- it's Facebook. [TechRadar]