Finally, An Easy Way to Search Your Twitter Stream

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Searching your Twitter stream is a pain in the ass. You usually end up scrolling down, down, down, until you find that gem of a tweet. CloudMagic will end the scrolling game with its updated browser extension.

Usually, anything with the word "cloud" in it is stupid, but this is actually quite useful. Initially created to search your Google account, the CloudMagic browser extension for Firefox and Chrome will now index and search your Twitter stream. Twitter's search feature searches the entire system. Good luck finding your friends tweet from two days ago in that mess.

After installation, a floating search bar appears when you're on a Twitter or Google page. Like Google's Instant Search, search results appear as you type them out. Searches can also be initiated from your browser's toolbar and can be opened in their own page. Even if you don't use Twitter, the Google account searching is impressive on its own. CloudMagic is planning on adding Facebook search to the extension soon. So you can quickly search and hide those embarrassing high school photos. [MagicCloud via The Next Web]