Fuji X100 SE: Who Doesn't Love a Hottie Dressed in Leather?

By Mario Aguilar on at

The Fuji X100's old-school, Leica-aping aesthetic drives people bonkers with envy. It shouldn't be possible to make people drool over the camera more than they already do. Then Fuji dressed the X100 with a special edition look.

Fuji is treating its 12.3 megapixel wonder to a leather-covered special edition that's going to make the retro-camera nerds freakout. It's no surprise that the X100 SE bears a striking resemblance to the obscenely expensive Leica Hermes Edition M7 released a few years ago. Resist the immediate impulse to sell your grandmother's jewelry. While it's almost certain the X100 SE won't cost £9,400 like its doppelganger, we probably won't ever see it stateside. Looks like it'll only be available in Asia. Too bad. [Facebook via Wired]