Gaddafi Has Been Killed

By Kyle Wagner on at

The new Libyan government has confirmed that Muammar el-Qaddafi, the former dictator of Libya, has been killed after his hometown of Surt was taken. Here's a look back at the search and pursuit of Gaddafi, and some of the more extreme tools that have seen action in Libya since February.

Gaddafi had been dictator of Libya since 1969, but fled Tripoli in late August after the city had been overrun with insurgent fighters. The revolution began in February, during the Arab spring, and has seen especially vicious fighting in the months since.

Qaddafi Has Been Killed

Inside Gaddafi's Secret Underground Labyrinth

Oh, Gaddafi, you eccentric old creeper. Of course you have a gigantic network of tunnels under Tripoli so you can sneak around and do dastardly shit. More »

Qaddafi Has Been Killed

The Tech That Took Out Gaddafi

With rebel forces in Tripoli and Moammar Gaddafi on the run, the end could be near for the Libyan civil war. Sporadic fighting continues in the capital city of the oil-rich North African nation, NATO warplanes are still patrolling overhead, and there's always the danger of Gaddafi true-believers... More »

Qaddafi Has Been Killed

Go Inside Gaddafi's Security HQ

The Wall Street Journal takes the first look since the fall of the regime inside Col. Gaddafi's security headquarters. You know, the one with all the tech purchased from international security firms. More »

Qaddafi Has Been Killed

Hidden Gaddafi Bunker Uncovered Using Twitter

Armed with an internet connection and his Twitter account, Sky New's reporter Mark Stone uncovered the truth about a NATO airstrike that supposedly killed a number of Libyan civilians last week.More »

Qaddafi Has Been Killed

Tripoli Was Brought Down By a Caterer With a Bunch of Flash Drives

In reporting on the Fall of Tripoli, Reuters tells the inside story of Abdel Majid Mlegta, a caterer who supplied the victuals for Gaddafi's regime. Putting key inside information on a series of memory sticks, this man was instrumental in bringing Gaddafi down.More »

Qaddafi Has Been Killed

Libya Is Quickly Becoming a Level from Twisted Metal

Just this morning we showed you a chopper-rocket-packing truck of the Libyan rebel army. Looks like it wasn't the only one they've got: we found another hybrid missile pod pounder, firing away across flaming war wreckage. More »

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