GiffGaff Unlocks Tethering Potential With Gigabags Mobile Data Plans

By Gary Cutlack on at

Budget people-powered mobile network GiffGaff is about to launch a new product it's calling Gigabags -- a data-only SIM package built specifically for mobile web users.

Pricing is, as usual from GiffGaff, pretty competitive. A £5 monthly SIM gets you 500MB of data, £7.50 gets you 1GB, with £12.50 letting you suck down 3GB of internet during your monthly billing period. Go over these limits and you'll be charged an additional 2p per MB until the end of the billing month, although there's a free 50MB "buffer" allowance to use before you trigger the excess charges.

This is the first time GiffGaff has allowed tethering on its packages so it's pretty good news for fans of the curious little mobile operator, which uses the O2 network if you're curious above whether its coverage will reach your mobile.

The Gigabags packages don't seem to be live for users to buy just yet, although GiffGaff promised they would be launching sometime this week. [GiffGaff via CNET]