Google Is Working on a New Programming Language Called Dart, but Will it Be a Javascript killer?

By Adrian Covert on at

Google apparently thinks parts of Javascript kinda suck because they're now working on a new web programming language called Dart that's meant to remedy and simplify the more problematic aspects of the coding process.

Dart is being designed as a programming language that's easy enough for any programmer to pick up and run with, but powerful enough to scale up to massive projects. Currently in an early preview mode, the language runs one of two ways: in a virtual machine, or as an app that's been compiled and translated to Javascript. Cnet says that they plan to directly incorporate the language into Chrome as well.

While Google isn't directly saying that this is a Javascript competitor, the fact that they're calling this a new programming language and not a supplement to Javascript, seems to indicates that they'd like for Dart to someday compete directly against the standard. [Dart via Google Code via Cnet]