Government, Defence and Tech Firms Targeted by "Disturbing" Number of Cyber Attacks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Iain Lobban, director of the UK's secretive GCHQ communications monitoring body, claims UK business and government agencies are constantly under cyber attack, with criminals trying to steal government data, company data, defence data and... all data.

And it's not just hopeful attacks on government systems, either. Private defence, technology and engineering firms are also subject of the "disturbing" number of electronic attacks, which could help attackers "gain commercial advantage or profit from secret knowledge of contractual arrangements."

Even more worrying, Lobban says there was a "significant" attempted attack on the systems of the Home Office this summer, although it was, apparently, unsuccessful. Lobban also claimed the MoD stopped "more than 1,000" attacks over the last 12 months, both from criminals and, incredibly, "foreign intelligence services." [BBC]